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Pengfei group expands investment to meet the market demand of high-grade equipment manufacturing industry

时间: 2012-07-15 09:32
Pengfei group expands investment to meet the market demand of high-grade equipment manufacturing industry
    Pengfei group tightly centers on requirements on development of equipment manufacturing industry by “12th five-year” plan, greatly implements structure adjustment and turnkey project strategy, promotes industrial position and whole competitiveness and stride forward first-class equipment manufacturing enterprise. Under guaranteeing normal production, successfully finished east-west, south-north workshop relocation, improvement & upgrading, enlarged production scale, improved production environment, so factory appearance has had qualitative change. 2012 we planed to invest RMB210,000,000 on 36,000 square meters new constructed workshop, large-parts manufacturing base near Nantong seaport to meet the requirements of production, assembly and transportation of super-large cargos which creates conditions for breakthrough of 300,000ton annual production in 2012.
    Now we have 580 sets various processing equipments, 20pcs national advanced hobbing machine, vertical lathe etc., rotary parts processing including 8pcs Y311000, Y31800 hobbing machines, Qiqihar DVT1000X40/200,etc. 22pcs large-scale vertical lathe, 15pcs 30x3m - 70x25m horizontal lathe, the process is advanced and degree of automation is high. 100pcs large-scale lifting equipment less than 200t, 8.5x16m annealing furnace & blasting room which indicates national advanced level at present; now painting room is under construction; Pengfei has combined mechanical processing, general assembly, forging production process which could meet the processing requirements of rotary kiln & mill with the diameter less than 10m, at present it is the best national building material machinery & equipment manufacturer with largest processing capacity and highest efficiency.
    Our group has produced 24pcs rotary kiln, transported 87pcs tube mill with different sizes, 11pcs roller presses, 5pcs vertical mill and 11pcs dryer. Above mentioned data indicates processing capacity of pengfei is gradually improved, large mill and kiln production rate is gradually increasing. Roller press, vertical mill, nickel mineral kiln, active lime rotary kiln, etc. production has been stably improved. This achievements profits from strengthening on technology & development, process promotion, sales channel expanding, so Pengfei now has the capacity to meet the different market demands including foreign high-end market.